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About Rhinoplasty : At our clinic, our primary focus is on you, our patient. We work tirelessly to ensure that you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout every stage of your journey with us, and we know that the environment of our clinics is an important ingredient in achieving this.

When you visit either our clinics, you’ll immediately feel the sense of calm, relaxed, unhurried professionalism that is the hallmark of our approach to patient care. We believe there is no such thing as a minor detail – every detail of every aspect of our service is crucial in achieving the levels of patient care, which we provide.

The stylish, elegant and immaculate surroundings are a world away from the experience one might normally associate with the word ‘clinic’. Unlike at a traditional surgery, there is no pressure to process a certain number of patients per day. Every patient we meet receives our undivided attention throughout their time with us.

From your very first consultation, through your examination and the surgery itself, to the recovery and aftercare, you will always feel as though you are our number one priority. And there is a simple reason for this – because you are.

Popular Procedures
Rhinoplasty for both aesthetic and functional issues.
Botox Injection
Face left
Functional Rhinoplasty for Nose Block
Cosmetic Rhinoplasty
Morning of Surgery
We Believe In Team Approach To Care
Dr.Chidananda Devasamudra, Consultant Rhinoplasty Surgeon.